Meaningful Client Relationships = Consistent Revenue Streams and Customer Retention

Your business surpassed huge milestones. You created a successful business and you have clients purchasing your products. What is the next step? How will you maintain and nurture your client base? That’s where Harmoni comes in.

Harmoni’s mission is to help businesses of all sizes develop and maintain meaningful connections with their clients. Harmoni helps your business build valuable relationships with your existing client base which directly leads to consistent revenue, upsell opportunities and long-term customer loyalty.

We provide :

  • Strategic plans to increase customer retention rates and enhance upsell opportunities
  • Customized workshops and trainings sessions on how to manage your clients’ journey with your business.

Why Harmoni?

I’m Patti and I’ve been working in Client Success for several years. In the corporate and nonprofit sector. With job titles ranging from Relationship Manager to Client Success Manager and everything in between. SMB clients to large enterprise contracts. I created Harmoni to give businesses practical strategies and tips to connect with their client base and maintain meaningful client relationships. I’m a Salesforce Certified Administrator and I spend my days building relationships with clients at a Tech Startup.

Read our blog for quick tips on how to manage business relationships and engage with your clients.